2009 Electricity and $$$ savings status: Jan-Dec 2009

Below is the running monthly status report for savings on energy for the entire year of 2009, when I started doing a few simple things to reduce electricity consumption in our home.  Read the details in the original post.  This is the final update, although we will continue to search for more opportunities to reduce our energy use.  Next year, I will be focusing on what we can do to reduce our natural gas consumption.

Nov/Dec updates…Very little reductions realized in November compared to the prior year, and only 15% reduction in December.  Overall the average reductions per month for the year came in at 22%, saving us $926.00 for the year, an average of $77 per month!

I know we can do better than that.  Discipline to turn things off at night (PC, TV, etc.) every night would have saved even more.  We got pretty sloppy in November and splurged with Christmas Lights in December.  I’m considering purchasing auto-shut off technology for the coming year, figuring that self-discipline has its limitations.  I have $926 realized savings for the year…I guess I can use a bit of it to improve our results for the coming years!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


2 responses to “2009 Electricity and $$$ savings status: Jan-Dec 2009

  1. Just passing by

    You should lobby for the utility companies to make this data available to us online. There is nothing like awareness to drive improvement.

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