Tip for separating food waste from regular trash

Our waste management provider allows us to throw food scraps into the green waste recycling bin.  Unfortunately, it was a hassle to deal with the scraps until we could get them to the bin along the side of the house.  We took their suggestion and now save our old ice cream cartons to temporarily store the scraps in a sealed container in the kitchen until its convenient to toss them at the end of the day.  So far, I’ve found we can re-use the carton for about two weeks before it gets too old.  With our waste management provider, when it’s too old, we can just toss it right in the green waste too!

Save old ice cream cartons for sealed temporary food scrap storage

Save old ice cream cartons for sealed temporary food scrap storage

In addition to plant clippings, shrubs, leaves, grass and small branches (6″ diameter, less than 40″ length) and unpainted, unvarnished wood scraps, our waste management provider also allows items to go into the green waste bin that you might not think of.  Here’s a list of items our waste management provider allows. (Check your provider’s website to find out what is allowed in your area):

  • Anything edible.
  • Old pizza boxes
  • Food soiled paper, napkins or paper towels, paper plates.
  • Waxed ice cream cartons.
  • Coffee grounds (including the paper filter), tea bags.
  • Dairy products (butter, cheese, yogurt, etc.)
  • Fruits, vegetables, peels, pits.
  • Meat, fish, poultry.
  • Spoiled, moldy food.

Remember, though, if you use a plastic bag to gather up the scraps, you can’t toss the bag in the green waste bin.  That’s why we use the ice cream carton!  (Not a bad excuse for ensuring I get to eat at least a quart of ice cream every two weeks too!)

Chad M. Wall


3 responses to “Tip for separating food waste from regular trash

  1. Eating ice cream in support of saving the planet… You are a spin master genius! 😉

  2. As you can imagine from my previous comment, we do not have this as an option 😦
    When I do keep scraps for a compost pile, I found a handy solution: a small (maybe 12″) garbage pail* with an automatic lid that had a removeable insert with a carrying handle. The insert thingy could be put in the dishwasher to keep it clean and would never drip on the way outside…
    *not meant to discourage ice cream consumption in any way

  3. ecotrashsolutions

    I like your garbage pail idea. This is helpful, especially in the summer when it gets warm.

    We are working on plans for composting in a few months, but we have to figure out a way to keep the dog from rummaging through the scraps.

    Sadly, I think you will have little negative influence on my ice cream cravings. It seems to get harder as I get older!

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