Trashy Art or Artsy Trash?


Light display made from pill bottles

We all need to think of ways to reduce the amount of trash we end up sending to landfills.  Here’s a unique way:  Turn trash into art.  I’m not talented enough to do it, but 38 year old artist Jean Shin certainly is. I was sent a link to this NPR article about Jean Shin, who takes everyday throw away items and turns them into interesting, creative artworks.  Here’s a quote from Shin from the NPR article:

“As artists, we’re thinking about these ideas that are meaningful to us and [we] hope that other viewers can also translate the viewing experience into a thinking process,” Shin says. “For me, my meaning is [not just] looking, but feeling and thinking.”

Her latest project, Everyday Moments, got a write up in the on-line New York Times, and is debuting at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C.  The Museum also has a article on the artist and her latest project.

Built from $25,000 worth of used lottery tickets

Built from used lottery tickets

One of her first projects, Chance City was created in 2001 from $24,496 worth of old lottery tickets.  (I assume none of them were winners!)

Check out the articles, or just take a peek at photo‘s of her other works.


Chad M. Wall


3 responses to “Trashy Art or Artsy Trash?

  1. This is so cool! Makes me want to save my trash and fashion some furniture or something!

  2. artistatexit0

    Thanks for your post, the “Chance City” piece is amazing! I work with river trash, mostly Styrofoam, and I’m looking for kindred spirits. Here is my project’s link:

  3. ecotrashsolutions

    Glad you liked it. Take a look at artistatexito for more trash art.

    I think you may have one in Jean Shin for sure. I took a peek at your blog (will be back for a more in depth look.) I like the dichotomy of the beauty in nature and the contrast with the river trash. The Styrofoam characters are surreal.

    I’m a softy for nature photos too.

    Keep up the good work.

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