Update: Still Saving 21% on Electricity Bill; Five Months Running.

Below is the running monthly status report for savings on energy since I started doing a few simple things like shutting down P.C’s, T.V.’s and stereo’s at night with a power strip.  There’s a bit more to it than that, but you can read the details in the original post.  I will give monthly updates.  As you can see, our running totals so far are looking great!  Still averaging 21% lower electricity this year compared to last (month to month comparison.)  That’s ~$76.00 per month with a 5 month total of $378 still in our pocket!  Not bad!

energy savings


7 responses to “Update: Still Saving 21% on Electricity Bill; Five Months Running.

  1. It is amazing how something so easy can be so effective. I don’t agree with people who act like individual efforts to reduce energy consumption don’t make a difference. It reminds me of people who say “my one vote doesn’t make a difference.”

    Waking up is the first step toward change. Thanks for posting this, Chad.

  2. Seriously. F–k the naysayers.

  3. Last year I too started making sure all electronics , computer, tv, satellite system , surround sound, stero, cell phone charger etc , were shut off completely along with installing energy efficient light bulbs. My electric bill went from $150 per month down to $60 and change. Its amazing what changing just small things can do to put the dollars back in my pocket instead of the utilities.

  4. get a ‘killawatt’ meter or equivalent and you can see what you could save before putting it on a power strip.

  5. Meg,
    We had converted over the last several years to more of the energy efficient bulbs, so that savings was already captured. Your numbers are impressive! Since I power stripped many of the things I wanted to ensure were off, it takes about 2 minutes per night to power down. I’m good with $76.00 per hour (no taxes!)

    I’ve heard of the meters and considered it (being the data driven kind of guy I am). Black and Decker sells one for $99.00.
    Chad M. Wall
    Eco-Trash Solutions

  6. Great. Some simple observations: the energy savings keep coming, but keep in mind initial cost of the gadgets (power strips, and especially the complicated ones) must be recovered. The power strips should be turned off when not using that item for a while. Dont need to set up for everything either .. the big guzzlers are TV (instant-on), video games, TV set-top boxes .. often about 200-300W > so when the kids walk away from their games they should TURN OFF Their system. Remember that many of the newer LCD big-screens already have power save modes.

    • Yes, the power strip (a nice convenience) costs do need to be recovered, but I more than recovered that in the first half of the first month. I grouped my TV, DVD player, receiver and other items (except my tivo, so it could still record shows) together on one strip. One switch does the trick. I believe that the power saver modes are helpful, but not 100% power free, so I’ve decided to go all the way, even though that can sometimes be annoying upon powering back up. If the hassle is too great, then I allow the power save modes to be the saving mechanism. Thanks for the comments.
      Chad M. Wall
      Eco-Trash Solutions

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