One little thing. Okay, two little things…

Little Thing One: As a follow-up to “If Everyone did One Little Thing“, peteslittlethingmy wife came across this sign and display in a Peet’s coffee shop in a Milpitas CA.  Yes, it’s a little thing, but to me, it carries a big message, when you consider how many people visit Peet’s every day and Starbucks and all the other coffee shops.  By doing this one little thing, not only do we reduce what usually ends up in a landfill, we reduce the consumption of natural resources.  One little thing, times a lot of coffee drinkers, times a lot of coffee shops, can add up fast.  I’m not sure if Peet’s competitors have a similar offer, but if they don’t, they probably will soon.  I applaud Peet’s.  Not just because they suggest the option to customers; not just because they share the cost savings with the customer; but because they bring it to their customer’s attention in a way that raises the overall awareness of the everyday impact we have on our environment and ecosystem, even when it’s just one little thing.

Little Thing Two:  Originally I started this blog with a focus on recycle, reuse and repurpose.  These are still important things to me and will continue to garner my attention.  Over time, I have followed my curiosity and passions into other aspects of sustainable living.  In my last post, I mentioned the term ecological footprint, which is a measure of human demand on the Earth’s ecosystems. It compares human demand with planet Earth’s ecological capacity to regenerate.

This is more reflective of what this blog has become.  To that end, I have changed the name to Eco-Footprint Solutions.  I hope you continue to visit and share.

Chad M. Wall


6 responses to “One little thing. Okay, two little things…

  1. The new name is cool. So is my travel cup which I will be taking to Peets in moments. (I wonder if all Peets do this.) I’ll let you know!

  2. Starbucks also offers a “personal cup” discount. They will also prepare your drink in a “for here” cup if you are staying a while.

  3. Here here! I m totein my AM PM cup where ever I go ….business meetings It’s a Grind or to the picnic!

  4. Rebel Girl
    Sounds like “oh the places we can go” with our travel cups.

    Just Me
    Glad to know that (I suspected as much). Good to know. Do they advertise this in the shop? Could be a good suggestion. Awareness is a good thing. I just found out from my son that Panama Red Coffee shops also give a discount for travel cups.


  5. Just passing by

    Why not make coffee at home, roast and grind your own, avoid the carbon footprint of going to a coffee houses? Use your own cup.

  6. Love the new blog name! You’re right — it is all about the footprint. Perfect.

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