We picked our 3 inde places to support each month, have you?

In a recent post, Supporting Local Inde, I talked about the 3/50 project, which suggests you pick three independently owned businesses in your local area that you would miss if they disappeared, and try to spend at least $50.00 per month between the three of them.

Well, we picked our three.

A local coffee shop called Panama Red (Visited Today):

Panama Red Coffee Shop

Panama Red Coffee Shop

A local bar and grill called First Street Ale House (Visited Thursday):

First Street Ale House

First Street Ale House



Our local farmers market (Visit Every Week):

(We would have chosen an independently owned book store, but alas, we were too late.  The last one went extinct in our city years ago.)

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

What we still need to do is let the business owners know about the program, let them know they are on our list of three and perhaps even help them post information about the 3/50 project in their windows to get the word out.

Have you picked your three?  Have you been visiting them?  Make a difference and keep your local area rich and diversified, and tell us about it here!


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