Final 2009 update: Saved $926 on our home electricity bill!

I’ve posted a permanent version of our results for 2009 as its own page, but as a celebration of our success, I’ve decided to do an expanded post here. This is the final update on this project.

About a year ago, I was shocked as I opened my energy bill to see how much more electricity we were using in Dec of 2008 vs the same time the prior year.  After doing some research on where energy is wasted in the home, and inexpensive tricks and tips that help reduce waste, I signed up the family and embarked on a year long experiment to see how much we could save with a minimal upfront cost.  You can read the details in the original post.

Below is a table showing the results for the year of 2009, month by month.  We used 2,635 less kW hours during the year (about 3 months worth of electricity.) Overall the average monthly reduction was 22%, saving us $926.00 in 2009 vs 2008, an average of $77 per month!  I know we can do better than that.  Discipline to turn things off at night (PC, TV, etc.) every night would have saved even more.

Our discipline got sloppy in November, and even though we got better in December, we splurged a little, putting up  X-mas lights.

To counteract the variation of discipline, I’m considering purchasing some auto-shut off technology for key areas and looking at upgrading our 20 year old refrigerator with a smart technology version.  After all, we have $926 realized savings for the year…I guess I can use a bit of it to improve our results for the coming years!

2009 Energy Savings Results Table

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


5 responses to “Final 2009 update: Saved $926 on our home electricity bill!

  1. Excellent job !
    You are on the right track. Awareness and Discipline are the key factors of energy savings and footprint reduction. I like to see families that have that squared.
    I wish you a happy and Eco-smart 2010.

  2. Thanks for doing this experiment in your home. More and more the evidence is coming in on how much we can save by doing relatively simple fixes like switching lightbulbs or turning off our electronics at night. Well done!

  3. Hi Chad,

    You have a great eco-blog. I particularly enjoyed the vampire power piece. I have had similar results and was wondering if through your research, you have found any automatic or remote controllable devices and how they are working for you.

    Thank you,


    • No, I haven’t yet found solutions that justified the cost. There are some on the market, but once you understand the schedule, it’s just the discipline to shut things down, especially on areas like computers, where you need to do soft shutdown and a simple power off is not good for the computer.

      I’m watching though, for low cost options in the future.

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